Entwined, 2020

Tendril Vases

Tendril Vases draw from the flowing lines and botanical motifs of Art Nouveau to mimic forms in nature like vines, budding fruit, and droplets of dew. Serpentine handles wind around generously shaped pots which are shrouded in a crystalline turquoise glaze, lending a watery, lustrous texture to their surfaces. The radial placement of the handles create an imperfect symmetry—a chaotic tangle of stems made static. Spherical protrusions sprout from the handles suggesting new growth while glaze pools beneath them, frozen by the cooling air in the kiln.

Entwined, 2020 (detail)
Looped Vase, 2021
Vase covered in the studio
Nine Tendrils, 2021 (Detail)
Nine Tendrils, 2021
Tendril Vase
Nicolette Johnson Self Portrait