Spiral Pot I, 2022

Spiral Pots, 2022

Spiral Pots are a study in form repetition and the anachronistic qualities of wheel-thrown patterns, in this case the spiral. Spiral motifs commonly appear in ancient pottery as it is a quick and effective surface decoration, only requiring one steady and swift motion with the hand. The spiral represents growth, expansion, and transformation.

Some of these pots have been fired in an anagama (Japanese meaning “cave kiln”) on Gubbi Gubbi Country (Cooroy, Queensland). Others were fired in my electric kiln on Turrbal Country (Bardon, Queensland).

These works were exhibited at the Queensland College of Art Galleries from August 1-13, 2022 as a part of the exhibition Persona: 50 Years of Photography at QCA curated by Henri van Noordenburg.

Spiral Pot IV & Spiral Pot III, 2022
Spiral Pot V, 2022
Spiral Pot IV, 2022
Spiral Pot III, 2022
Spiral Pot II, 2022