Ribbed and Prodded

High Spirits


High Spirits, Johnson’s debut solo exhibition with Sophie Gannon Gallery, explores the cathartic act of squeezing and pinching clay and how this can achieve surprisingly ornate textures. The resulting surfaces appear at once organic like bone or coral, and highly decorative like filigree or lace. The pots themselves, some with elaborate halo-like handles and others embellished with rocky studs, are shrouded in jewel-toned glazes and have a talismanic quality, as if originating from an imagined ancient world.

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Old Soul, 2020

Old Soul (detail), 2020

All Together Now, Stress Relief, 2020

All Together Now, Stress Relief, Dopamine Hit, 2020

Dopamine Hit (detail), 2020

Wave After Wave, 2020

Wave After Wave (detail), 2020

Great Personality, 2020

Great Personality (detail), 2020

Flaming Heart, Look on the Bright Side, 2020

Everything All at Once, 2020

Overcome With Emotion, 2020

Overcome With Emotion (detail), 2020

Awestruck Onlookers, 2020

Awestruck Onlookers (detail), 2020

Build It and They Will Come, Phantom Limb, 2020

Unprecedented Creation (detail), 2020

Unprecedented Creation, 2020

Rare and Important, 2020

High Spirits, 2020

Small Pot Syndrome, Contemplative State, 2020

Contemplative State, 2020