Mirror Pots, 2023

Historically, the “vase pair” is a striking and effective trope, possessing a balance and symmetry when displayed together. They have a traditional sensibility, being a popular design in ancient pottery producing cultures such as Iran, China, and Greece, and then reproduced in Europe starting in the 17th century. Vases, being rather anthropomorphic objects, take on new meaning when in a pair. They begin to symbolise parallels, closeness, and connection.

In a space they converse with each other with equal importance, neither being louder or quieter than the other. If one is a question, the other is an answer. If one is a statement, the other is a punctuation mark. They are mirrors of each other.

The surface decoration continues my exploration of the spiral—a decorative motif that is enmeshed with the art of pottery. The spiral is a universal, perennial pattern found on prehistoric, ancient, and contemporary ceramics. This quick and efficient surface treatment requires just one steady and confident motion of the hand as the wheel turns. The spiral, representing growth, expansion, and transformation, also evidences the interaction of artist, material, and the turning wheel.